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Writer’s Block and Resistance

Series- Books and Illumination

Episode One: Writer’s Block and the Resistance

Sitting in front of my laptop, with music in background, I’m thinking about how to start this one. How to come up with something new every day to write about, new ideas are hard to get. Sometimes they come naturally to you, like you’re reading something and an idea hits you for the next piece. And next moment, the resistance is so hard, resistance to write, like a frictional force is stopping me from writing.

Writer’s Block

These are the days, when you just feel like doing something but can’t as you feel you aren’t capable of doing anything. You try to distract yourself with every way possible. Writer’s Block is a phase that can go as long as you let it stay. It’s the situation where you experience a slowdown or feel doing nothing at all. I felt the block and still feel like it but I decided to write.

Trust me; I’m trying so hard right now to get the words out here. To write each word, I’m putting way much pressure on my mind to tell myself that I can do this, I can finish this one, I got this. It’s been 10 days I posted my last blog, yet I’m not happy that I didn’t write for days, but the thing that matters is I sat down on my desk today, switched on the laptop and started to write whatever I could. This is one way to beat the resistance, the resistance that stops your creativity to flow; by pushing your mind, to do the thing that it doesn’t want to do.


What exactly is resistance, what are its forms, and how it affects the creativity flow? Resistance is the enemy that blocks the flow of everything that provides gratification. It prevents us to do anything that makes us happy, that makes us grow. It can come to you in any form, be it depression, anxiety, procrastination, trouble, fear etc. Resistance is an internal force, it’s the enemy within. It is universal, it doesn’t care who you are, and it comes for everyone. Resistance will tell you anything, to keep you away from doing the work. For example, you never say that you will not do the assignment ever; instead you tell yourself that you’ll do it tomorrow or some other day. Here’s resistance at its best in the form of procrastination.

Dare to do the things that scare you.

No matter what you do turns out to be good or bad, the thing that’s important is, you decided to do the work. It’s not the work that’s hard to do, what’s hard is to sit down to do the work. It’s the resistance that keeps us away from sitting down. The more important the work is, more resistance you will face, more you will fear it. You don’t have to overcome the fear to do something, you have to do it and the fear will go on its own. Don’t wait for inspiration to come, get up and do the thing that you’re afraid of, as it will bring you the gratification that you need. You got to show up every day, do your work, that’s what a professional does. Professional not as in a doctor or a lawyer, professional as in who knows how to get the work done despite the resistance, circumstances, fear.

Overcoming Resistance

By now, you would’ve known that you face resistance each day. As I write this, resistance is at its hardest. So what did I do to overcome it, did I really overcome the resistance? Hell, yes. I wrote something, whether it took hours or days, but I did it. Wake up and do the things now, push yourself. If I had not read the book, I would’ve never known that it was all about the resistance, which is the real enemy. A book that made me stand up and write this, to tell everyone that you’re capable of doing everything in the world.

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

The War of Art – Steven Pressfield

THE WAR OF ART”, by Steven Pressfield; is a perfect depiction of Resistance in our lives, the enemy that can rise within anyone, be it any artist, writer or painter, or doctor or anyone that tries to bring good with their work. The Book One (or say Part One) – ‘Defining the enemy’, describes resistance as the enemy of creativity what writers know as a ‘block’. The cure to resistance is described in Book Two- ‘Turning Pro’. The writer lays out the idea of being a professional instead of an amateur, and acting in the face of fear and resistance. Book Three- ‘The Higher Realm’, talks about inspiration, that when we sit down and do our work, power concentrates around us, new ideas and creativity flow. Read and you’ll know how it helps you transform the way you beat resistance and become a pro.

Rule of thumb: The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.

Steven Pressfield (The War of Art)


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    Yeah…damn true, you put the emotions into words very nicely….

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    You pick images very nicely. Appreciate your skills!

  4. Mind Beauty Simplicity

    ugh, writers block is the worst. but i’ve learned it’s ok to take your time & to take breaks. if you don’t have a blog post one week, it’s ok. it’s better not to force it.

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      Yes, I feel you. It’s okay to be at your own pace.

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