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The Power of Art: Learning and Evolving through Art

Series- The Power of Art and DIY’s

Episode One: The Power of Art

Fellow readers, today I wanna talk about what I’ve been doing for years but never wrote about it, maybe because some things are just to be shown and done rather than speaking about them. Here’s a new blog series that I’m starting with, today. Almost all of you must have heard about ‘DIY’, a well-known term that simply means ‘Do It Yourself’. When you hear about DIY, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it related to art and crafts or something other than that? If you connect DIY to just art and crafts, then you have been thinking it all wrong, DIY isn’t just limited to that. DIY basically means doing it yourself without any professional help, or say in simple words that you do stuff that you would normally ask someone to do for you and pay for it. For example, renovating the house all by yourself, or making a wooden cupboard by following along a youtube tutorial, and yeah cutting your own hair also counts as DIY.

DIY Series

Here you have been probably thinking what’s up with me talking about all that DIY stuff. It’s gonna be my second blog series (if you haven’t read the first two episodes of my first blog series ‘Books and Illumination’ yet, go on, go read it, HERE). It’s not just about DIY, there’s a lot of stuff if you look through a different perspective, say, art is something that teaches you patience, anything that is art is a teacher on its own. Once you start creating something, you continue to grow through that, once you become an artist, you’re continuously evolving every moment. Everyone is an artist, everyone is a creator, and it just takes one masterpiece to change our lives.

Keeping aside all these philosophical thoughts, let me come to the point. There’s an interesting DIY that I did and I thought why not write a blog, heck yeah I know, you’d be wondering why did I have to write a blog where I could’ve just simply posted a picture or a youtube video of that DIY. Keep reading for the answer.


Let’s start, I get quite amused by paints and brushes, and the bright colors. I keep painting random stuff and store it as a decorative piece and yeah that’s what I’m gonna show you now. Starting with the context, I went out, had chai(tea) in a Kulhad(clay cup), that’s what we do right, we don’t miss having little tea breaks when we’re traveling. So I had this Kulhad and I decided to keep it with myself and the moment I had it in my hands, I knew I could make something good out of it. And that’s what I did. I painted it with bright colors, I had some paint left that I was probably going to throw, but why throw away stuff when you can just DIY. I’m gonna take you quickly through the steps:

DIY Step by Step

Obviously, I cleaned it first, then painted it all white. Remember to always coat with white paint so that the other colors get layered well.  Then I painted with all the bright colors that I was left with. And I did two to three layers of coating each. Putting two to three layers of paint is essential as the color gets spread evenly and there’s no bottom layer visible. Then I outlined with white paint again where it was needed. Attaching the pictures below so you can see the beauty of creating something. You can DIY any waste bottle or jar, paint it, and can use it as a pen stand or for storing any stuff. And it will look beautiful on your table or your kitchen. At last, I decided to make it more beautiful with a plant. Here’s my cute little pot.

Remember, I mentioned above that why I had to write a blog for this? Just because I like to express things through words. Words have the power to inspire, to destroy, to help, to heal, to humiliate and to humble. And talking about DIY, until now you probably realized that it wasn’t just about DIY. It was about the little lessons you get, art is a powerful teacher if you’re ready to learn. 

Art in itself is an attempt to bring order out of chaos.

Stephen Sondheim


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    Literally liked how you expressed the DIY in words instead of picture and audio.

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