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The Painted Canvas of Life

Life is like a canvas. You can draw on your canvas just once, you cannot undo it. You can paint it with black and white or pink and blue, or you can color it a rainbow. It depends on you what color you take and put on your canvas. By colors here, I’m referring to the things you do, deeds you perform, or the people you meet. You fill up your canvas with colors you like.

But sometimes, it feels like the canvas is fully blank. There are brushes of paint all over the place. And the paint boxes are empty that once used to be full. Where did all the paint go? Where did the painting you made in those years disappear? Where are the roses and where are the thorns of your life that you drew on that canvas? Sometimes, you’d be thinking what you have ever done after all those years.

The truth is, the canvas is still painted, with all the colors of those empty paint boxes. Those roses are still there with the thorns. The things you did still impact your lives. But why can’t you see it? Why you see a blank canvas after all those years? You are not on the right coordinates, you are not on the right position. That’s why you don’t see the painting you drew. You are not where you should be. You don’t have the right lamp yet to see the painting glow. It just requires the appropriate light to see what you’ve done and what you should be doing.

Life takes unexpected turns, to remind you on every step that there is a long way to go, don’t lose patience. Travel where the light glows. The painting will still be made, but you will see it when you will have the right path. You’ll get a reward when you are at the right coordinates of your life. Keep painting that canvas without expecting a great painting. One day, the painting will be worth. Remember it’s not the destination that is most rewarding, it’s the journey along the way. So don’t worry about the canvas, keep painting, keep going with the right color combinations.


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  1. Vijay Dinanath Chauhan

    I love you..♥️ Amazing..

    1. Amarendra kumar verma

      You know it’s bit strange but sometimes things happen with me which helps in conversations , learning and thought process ..
      I’m currently reading “Turtles all the way down”…
      And here is a line from the book which relate little bit with your blog..
      “You think you’re the painter, but you’re the canvas.”

      I don’t know very much about paintings , colours or canvas but you say we’re painting our canvas maybe that will be truth and when we perceive canvas is empty then we should do other things..
      As painter it’s not necessary to paint all the time..
      We can sing & dance together or laugh on our colourless canvas….
      Thanks for the read…

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