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Planning vs Execution

EVERYBODY is doing something. Something that makes them happy, gives them peace, earns them money, fame and respect. And you are probably lying on your bed reading this with hopes in your mind to achieve your goals one day (I’m lying on my bed writing this TBH, heh.) Or probably you’re on the right path where you should be. You’re heading towards your goals or not, you’ll still be planning on a lot of things right now. Apparently, you’d be thinking what to do, where to next, what if you fail and many more questions like that. But plans do fail, right? Everything doesn’t go as planned always. Even this blog was going to be something else than that, but who knows. You can’t control what is going to happen the next day or the next moment (“Kal ho na ho”).

Planning and Execution

Planning is easy, execution is not. You can sit down and plan what you’re going to do for the next few days; simple, right. You just have to sit and write down the plan. But when it comes to the actual work, you are distracted; you don’t feel like doing anything. But still people manage to do things and get successful. Everybody has distractions, difficulties and situations that stop them, but only people who resist and overcome those things are achievers. Do the planning as you plan your outfits daily, and put in the work as you put on your clothes every day.


People my age have achieved a lot more than I even thought of. I also want to achieve more than where I am, do what I want. Everyone does wish to achieve great things. But good things take time. You got to be strong, consistent and disciplined throughout. No one is born an achiever. It is all in the attitude. Fall seven times, stand up eight. Stay positive and stay with positive people who inspire you and help you grow. You really gonna need people who will raise you when you fall down. And, ALWAYS START BEFORE YOU ARE READY.

“Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.”

Morris Chang

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