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Love – Something that keeps you going

The thing that makes me write about love is the relationships whether the talk about love is good or bad. When people talk about love, they mean relationships. Relationship with their family, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend. But for me love is something that makes you keep going. It doesn’t let the hope disappear. The hope which keeps hold onto things that require time, patience. Hope let us keep going, having patience.

Love is that strength that keeps you overcome even the biggest troubles of your life. But never ever let love become your weakness. Because if something that can be your biggest strength becomes your weakness, then everything ends in misery. Weak things don’t let you go. So if it’s your weakness, let it go. Love as you will never get the chance again to love. Don’t expect anything in return, except love and respect. Don’t lose self-respect in the process of loving someone.

Love is a selfless feeling, what you give to others. Don’t expect it back, have patience that you will be loved too. “They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do and something to hope for. ” So love deeply, have hope to be loved. Achieve something.

Leave a toxic relationship because you’re not worth it. Don’t stay because you can’t handle but you have to let it go. Letting go of things, moving on will make you grow, make you understand things. Have patience that something great will happen. Let go of the things that make you grieve. Love and get loved, by the right person at the right time. Always hold them in their good-bad times.

Love selflessly. Love as you will never love again. Selfless love can never replace any beautiful feeling ever. ♥️


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  1. Amarendra kumar verma

    It’s hard to understand love and relationships.
    We always learn “What is love ? ” from people around us ; sometimes we learn right things , sometimes wrong things . Please belive in failing in things and be ready to learn again. Read about love , talk about love , learn about love , share love and one day you be drowning in this vast ocean called love.
    Be brave in love because there’s nothing other than love we live for.
    Thanks for the blog , be happy and keep spreading love.

    1. chelsimehta

      Hey Amarendra! Thanks for reading. Your thought about love is worth talking about. I appreciate you mentioning about failing at it and learning and sharing . Hope you have a good day. Keep reading and sharing your views. I appreciate your views. 🙂

  2. Mansi

    Amazing work chelsi…keep it up!

  3. Savita

    Truly invigorating….loved the blog…carry on!!!

  4. Paras

    Nice chelsi…

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