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Life Upgrades and ‘The 5 AM Club’

Series- Books and Illumination

Episode Two: Life Upgrades and “The 5 AM Club’

I often open ‘Play Store’ and check for new updates (not a geek, just curious) and update all the apps, it is just satisfying. Now, you will be thinking that what this has to do with you or it is not a valuable piece of information for you. Hold on, try to see it from my perspective. We usually look for updates or upgrades in our life, say buying a new appliance or getting your house renovated. But how frequently do you think about upgrading your own life. For how long you’ve been stuck on the same routine, you might have thought of bringing changes but you couldn’t stay on it for long. Keep on reading for a few things that will at least make you think of reforming a bit.

Make resolutions which are achievable and relevant to your growth. Make resolutions that help you grow physically, mentally as well as emotionally. Start by doing the most basic things like sleeping on time and waking up before dawn. Start by planning your whole day, dividing your valuable time into different tasks that you need to perform. Do everything with discipline and dedication. Plan you day and stick to it. Eat healthy, exercise, meditate, read, write or do whatever you will do for self-care. Here are some basic yet important upgrades you could do to bring change.

Sleep cycle: Sleep atleast 6-7 hours a day and wake up before sunrise. That is the victory hour in which your productivity is maximum and you can perform most of the tasks when other people are sleeping.

Stay fit: Exercise 3-4 times a week which will keep you physically active throughout your weekly routine.

Self-care: Take out some time to reward yourself. Do what soothes your mind and heart. Celebrating small wins is important for your growth as well as for big victories to happen.

● Daily routine: Give your best at your day to day job whether it be going to college and attending lectures or taking tests and remember consistency is the DNA of mastery. Victories occur before warriors walk onto the field. You’ll be successful only if you train the best part of yourselves and put enormous amount of practice.

Positive energy: Surround yourself with positivity. Take out all the negative thoughts, people and things out of your life which don’t make you happy and don’t inspire you.

This will sound simple, really simple to you. Right! Start doing that and you will eventually feel like giving up. Taking that extra 5 minute nap that turn into 1-2 hour sleep, putting today’s tasks on tomorrow, eventually procrastinating whole day and regretting it later. Remember nothing is easy at first. All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end. It takes sacrifice and determination even to start with the most basic things. Once you make something a habit, you end up adapting it as a lifestyle. You’re not alone in this process. So many people around you are putting their best efforts to achieve world-class. And every single person starts as an ordinary being. Nobody is born with extraordinary talents.

Remember not to get distracted from the materialistic things that stop you from achieving something better. Remember that this world is full of those people who’re not ready to leave their comfort-zone and that’s why they don’t get what they want. If you really want to increase your productivity and grow in a way you’ve never before, step out of your comfort zone. World class begins where comfort zone ends. Step into reality and face everything however difficult it may be. Face your demons and conquer them.

Posting this at 5 AM has its back-story. It is the victory hour where you enter the flow state, your productivity is at its best, your over thinking and over analyzing stops, dopamine and serotonin starts flowing. Waking up early before sunrise will tell you things that your life will transform and you will achieve mastery. Just because you don’t have the early-rising habit doesn’t mean you can’t do it now. Small improvements, consistency and awareness beats everything. When you’ll be aware you can make better daily choices, and you’ll start seeing better results. For example, being aware of your ability to wake up early in the morning and knowing how it would upgrade your productivity, you’ll reach a level of self-mastery.

“THE 5 AM CLUB”, by Robin Sharma; is a life-changing book that is based on a revolutionary morning routine. The early rising habit has helped accomplish amazing results while upgrading the lives of people. The book walks you through formulas like 20/20/20 formula or 90/10 formula that you can use to stay focused and flooded with inspiration; also how great geniuses, business tycoons and the wisest people start their mornings to produce masterpieces. Own your morning, elevate your life. You must read the book that will help you transform into a better self.

The 5 AM Club

The world needs more heroes and why wait for them- when you have it in you to become one. Starting today.

Robin Sharma


Exploring being a writer.

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  1. Vijay Dinanath Chauhan

    10 AM Club members talking about 5 AM. STRANGE ?

    1. Hemish

      Well, she has now become a member of 5 AM club. She used to wakeup at 10 AM seriously. But for these two months, she have been waking up early ranging from 5 AM to max 5:30 AM. She even follows this on Sunday. This is great improvement. She decided to continue reading “5 AM Club” only when she would really wake up at this time and see, she has done that.
      Her brother here 😁

  2. Savita

    Lovely bro….carry on jatta

  3. Shubhankar Das

    Wow! the writing has a great flow.

    You wrote it on July. Are you still consistent in waking up at 5:00 am?
    You can even try the SAVERS practice by Hal Elrod besides the 20/20/20 formula.

    1. chelsimehta

      Thank you for reading, Shubhankar!

      And yeah, waking up at around 5 almost every day. Though, there are always exceptions.
      I will give it a shot, thank you for recommending it. 🙂

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