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Kopi Luwak: Out Of The Box Coffee

Greetings, fellow readers! Put your hands up if you love coffee, I mean love it. How many of you actually love coffee so much that you know about the most expensive coffee in the world? “KOPI LUWAK” also known as ‘civet coffee’ is overpriced because of its out of the box production.

About Kopi Luwak:

Kopi Luwak is made from the feces excreted out by asian palm civet cats, also known as luwaks. The beans are partially digested and then pooped out as light fermented coffee beans. The production of kopi luwak is connected to the history of coffee production in Indonesia. A cup of this coffee typically costs between $40 and $100, which is a lot more expensive than average coffee. The taste of it varies with the type of origin of beans excreted, brewing and the ability of civets to select its berries. The selection and the digestion process by the civets influence the flavor of the coffee. The aroma and the bitterness is altered as the beans go through the unusual fermentation process. It is believed that the distinct flavor arises due to the animal’s gut and digestive fluids.

How is Kopi Luwak made?
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Raised concerns for civets:

The production method of kopi luwak has questioned the humane treatment of civets and the condition they’re made to live in. But the popularity of civet coffee has raised concerns as more wild civets are being caged for coffee production. Even more, producers are willing to label coffee from caged civets as wild-sourced or similar label according to PETA and BBC. There’s no way to tell whether the coffee was produced from wild or caged civets. Also, it was apparent that this coffee sold for the story and not the superior quality, according to a coffee professional.

Caged Civet

The high price of kopi luwak and the raised animal concerns for civets has driven the search for finding alternate ways to produce the coffee without animal involvement.   


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