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FAILURE – a distinct approach

FAILURE reminds you

of your lost job, that failed exam

but it reminds me when

I failed as a LOVER.

When I  loved

way too much, way too far

When I loved

even when I couldn’t love myself.

It was love

where I failed

It was love

which made me stop believing in love stories.

But LOVE is

within you which never dies

But LOVE is

when you give all of you

Don’t be afraid to love again

Don’t be afraid of a vulnerable heart

Because when you don’t love, you fail

As a LOVER and a human being.

– CM  


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  1. Amarendra kumar verma

    You’re writing this like a sore loser , there are no losers and winner in love . Love brings immense pleasure in life but it’s also cause a hell of hurting too .
    Be brave in love .
    And if you wanna bitch about love ; ping me 😆

    1. chelsimehta

      Hey Amarendra! Thanks for reading. I appreciate your views, but that is just my personal views based on my experience though I agree to you. Have a good day reading. 🙂

  2. Apoorva


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