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BoldAlive Customized Mug Collection – 65% OFF

My morning starts with a cup of tea. Does yours too? Tea or coffee or anything else? Everyone likes their morning to be good and refreshing, so what do you do for it? Do you have a morning routine that you follow?

What’s your favorite thing to do in the morning? Well my favorite thing is to have my tea in my favorite mug. You heard it right. Do you have a favorite mug too? If not, then BoldAlive’s exclusive mug collection is perfect for you. You will fall in love with the exclusive prints and they’re affordable too so collect as many mugs as possible. If you do like to collect mugs, checkout the full collection.

Have a mug that you can count on for your morning cup of coffee, or afternoon tea. The mug that feels most at home, the mug with a quote that inspires you every morning to start afresh, the mug that makes you smile every day, we got them for you. But what makes a favorite mug? Did someone gift it to you? Is it special for a reason or you just like it for the vibe? Well whatever the reason maybe, there’s no reason to not get more mugs to add to your collection. It doesn’t matter how many mugs you do have right now, you know enough is never enough.

Checkout the mugs at BoldAlive’s website where you can get your new favorite mug or gift it to someone to make their day. The designs are beautiful and I myself have designed a few. I everyday use those mugs and no doubt, they’re the best and make my morning wonderful just by sipping my tea in them.

You can help a friend’s small business in addition to having a product that’s for a lifetime. Buy the mugs once and you’ll know it was worth it. When you support a small business, you’re supporting a dream. Have a good day, support, share, spread. Also, behind every small business is a family. 🙂


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  1. Paras

    Nice …

  2. Divyanshu

    Do include the quality of material of which it made and wheather prints on mug is durable Or not

    1. chelsimehta

      Hey Divyanshu! Thanks for reading. The description of the product is available on the website Do have a look. The blog links to the website that has the products with their full description. Have a good day.

  3. S S

    A Very good initiative Chelsi, I will definitely give these products a look.

  4. Apoorva

    Absolutely LOVE these mugs ☕❤

  5. Vijay Singh

    Wooahhhh Great! 👌

  6. Tanuj

    Nice article

  7. Anshu

    Great work Chelsi.

  8. Simmi

    This is superb!!🤟

  9. Neiting

    This is Amazing Chelsi!
    I have been looking for this type of mugs
    Where all positive words are embedded.
    Finally, I can have one for my own .
    Absolutely love it ❤️☕️

    1. chelsimehta

      Hey Neiting! Thanks for your time reading and providing feedback. I’ll be very grateful if you buy the mugs, have a good day.

  10. Sagar

    Keep it up buddy! ✨💥

  11. Dimple Saini

    Well written chelsi. It has compassion and something to which everyone can connect

  12. Nishant

    Great work Chelsi 💯

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