I Think,
Therefore I Blog

No matter what, the very first piece of content, I’d start with is a Blog. 

Work in progress

What is a blog?

About This Blog

“Blog” originated as slang for “web log.” A blog is a place where you put your experiences, thoughts and ideas that you have learned or learning in your life journey. We all bring our own magic and uniqueness into the world. Our goal should be to discover what that is, embrace it and share it.

So here I am, discovering and sharing about what I feel of the world, talking about things that I think about, the experiences that taught me something, and the ideas that could change something in our lives.



Why a Blog?

Writing A Blog

Your blog can be the digital platform where your thoughts and ideas are revealed. To keep writing or to start a blog, you got to have inspiration. That inspiration has to come from something and it is the words that drive the blog, you have to keep writing and reading. If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time to write.

Writing blogs refine our thoughts and ideas and connect us to a community. Writing gives us a voice. It is a powerful journey of self-discovery and growth.

Series and Episodes

Blog Series

You’ve probably searched for ‘10 series to watch on Netflix’, or good series to binge watch on a date or a sleepover, but have you ever given a thought to reading series, I mean written pieces in form of blogs or articles? I gave it a thought and came up with the concept of making a Blog Series, the episodes will go on until I quit writing (just kidding). Checkout my first series- “Books and Illumination” and leave a feedback. 🙂

Also, a new series is up on the blog that is about DIY’s and the power that art carries. Art has the power to heal, to help, to destroy, to humiliate, to humble.